Hi, I am Michael, a Software Engineer living in London and interested in building cool things. I like working with large-scale engineering and providing solutions to challenging problems.

In my day job, I am working on transforming the technology behind one of the largest e-commerce fashion business (Net-A-Porter Group). Recently I helped change the way people interact with their cars at the R&D dept of Solera, a multinational company that is active in 70 countries, building the innovative functionality of Digital Garage.

In the past I have led the back-end development and architecture of a transportation app which could process millions of concurrent transport-related data streams to help people share cabs and give public transport route recommendations.

Previously, I used to work for Social Artisan, a tech start-up where I was responsible for the back-end development of the real-time streaming infrastructure that performed data analysis on web content and social media. There I introduced Storm and Hadoop which became the backbone technology of the system. I have also worked as a Web developer at RTEL in Greece.

I hold an MSc in Computer Science from Edinburgh University and a BSc in Computer Engineering and Informatics from the University of Patras (Greece). I am attracted by challenging work and I believe in the power of open-source.

I also enjoy staying on top of technologies and giving talks at technical meetups and conferences. Past talks include the Apps World Dev ConfData Science LondonEBU DevCon 13London Storm meetup and Edinburgh TechMeetUp.

I post interesting stuff on Twitter and contribute back to the community on GitHub. You can also find me on LinkedIn. In my spare time I play tennis, dance tango and read lots of books.

If you and I share common interests, then we should meet. Feel free to contact me directly at michael@micvog.com.