Money Can Make You Money (and my new blog!)

I have always been interested in making more money. But Michael are you kidding me? Everyone does! Ok, maybe I’m interested a little bit more than others.

Although my career is in software engineering, my mind is in making my money work harder for me instead of sitting idle in the bank.

I believe part of the reason is that as software engineers we make way more money than we need. We’re also pretty good with computers, therefore having an edge when it comes to online income in the growing internet world.

We’re also analytical thinkers and good with numbers, something that’s necessary to succeed as a software developer.

My initial goal was to hit a 6-figure income. That was achieved fairly sooner than I expected. Working hard, demonstrating my specialised skills through technical articles and asking for more led me to exceed the 100k mark in 3 years (here’s how).

Meanwhile, I started making a side income doing matched betting here in the UK. That brings in about £600-700 per month without much hassle. I read a few books on investing and made my savings bring another £500 per month.

Slowly but steadily, I transitioned my interests from software development into the finance world. So I started another blog! I thought that other people may find these life-hacks interesting. And the numbers say they do!

foxymonkey blog

My new Personal Finance Blog –

I wrote about how I boosted my career from zero to 100k in 3 years, how to make a side income,  a matched betting software guide (OddsMonkey or Profit Accumulator), how to start a blog for beginners, personal-development book reviews, etc.

So this is how was born. Having a Personal Finance / Life Hacking blog ijs great! I’ll keep this technical blog running and any money, lifestyle posts will go to FoxyMonkey. Feel free to subscribe to my newsletter there (I write one every 2 weeks).

Future articles will include different passive income streams I use, savings and investment methods, London properties, career tips and have about 50 articles on my Trello to-do board!

As these savings grows, the passive-income will keep growing too. Today, if I don’t go to work I don’t get paid. But I’m making about £1000 on the side because my invested money works for me. If I manage to grow the pot to be making a £3000 “do nothing salary”, then who really needs a real 9-5 job?

The point I’m trying to make is NOT that I will stop working. I’d be bored to death! I actually love working as a software developer.

But work would be optional at that point. I would work because I want to, not because I have to. Maybe I’d start a small business or take more frequent breaks. I would not depend on my job income. Apparently, some people call this Financial Independence, some others Early Retirement, hence the “FIRE” buzzword. If you ask me, EVERYONE should focus on Financial Independence.

See you in the FoxyMonkey comments 😉


2 thoughts on “Money Can Make You Money (and my new blog!)

  1. This was very inspiring to read

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